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Profile Settings

  • PING is currently the "source of truth" for your contact information in CORUS. Mobile notifications sent to you from CORUS will follow the same path they currently do in PING.
  • To adjust your preferences, login to myProfile.  


  • Login to CORUS at
  • Click the SEARCH button at the top of the screen, just right of your user name.
  • Start typing - results populate as you go.


  • Once you've identified the person, device, channel or consult you'd like to message, start typing in the message box.
  • If you open a channel or direct message room, the message box is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Include @userid or @all to automatically trigger a mobile notification to an idividual or to all CORUS users in the room.


  • To send your message, click the paper airplane icon.
  • This will navigate you to a room with your message recipient(s).
  • At the bottom of the screen within this room, you'll notice you can send more messages to this audience, again, by clicking the paper airplane.


  • CORUS notifications behave a bit differently from PING notifications.
  • If your message recipient is online in CORUS, a first attempt at notification is made within the web browser.
  • If after 30 seconds your message recipient hasn't viewed your message, a mobile notification is triggered to his or her "Preferred PING Device."
  • To trigger an instant mobile notification, include @userid or @all in your message to notify an individual or all CORUS users in the room.


  • Your history is preserved in each room for a period of time. Simply navigate to the room for message contents and timestamp information.
  • You can also access your history via a HISTORY link in the left panel from within CORUS. You can even search your history.
  • From the history screen or within a CORUS room, you can also view external notifications that may have been triggered
    • From the history screen, click the "View external notifications.." link, located just above and to the right of the History search box
    • From an existing channel or direct message room, click the cloud icon with the upward pointing arrow


  • You can favorite search results so you don't have to look for them again in the future.
  • To do so, after you've sent a message to the channel, consult, device or person, you'll notice a star icon to the left of the room name.
  • Click the star and it will automatically save this room to your FAVORITES in the left panel of CORUS.


  • If you need further assistance, you can find it by sending an email to or by calling (410) 955-HELP