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1: Licensed Commercial Software

CTY IT will acquire and install commercial software on your behalf. Get approval from your department and submit the request to Help Desk.

Browse through JHU IT Services to see many applications available from Hopkins, usually at a substantial discount.

2: Acceptable Free Software

You may install (or ask IT to install) free software as needed to perform your job functions, such as:

Be careful; many legitimate software installers and updaters (such as Adobe or Java) will attempt to "bundle" additional programs that we do not want to be installed. If you have questions about installing software, please ask IT via Help Desk.

CTY recommends installing antivirus on your home computer, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, or AVG.

3: Unacceptable Software

Many "free" programs will display advertising and/or covertly send tracking data home. They can cause software conflicts and leak private data about you and our students.

4: Personal Documents

If you put personal files (e.g. photos, music, etc) on your work computer, CTY is not responsible for them, and they may be deleted if deemed necessary to solve a problem.