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AFIAccess to Financial Information
CAPCenter for Academic Programs
CDECenter for Distance Education (known now as CTYonline)
CEPARCritical Event Preparedness and Response
CIOChief Information Officer (i.e., Pat Wallace for CTY, Stephanie Reel for JHU)
CISCTY Information System - pronounced 'sis'
CLICivic Leadership Institute
CTICenter for Talent Identification (aka Talent Search)
CTYCenter for Talented Youth
DCCDiagnostic and Counseling Center
DECenter for Distance Education (known now as CTYonline)
DEMCTYonline Distance Ed Math
DEWCTYonline Distance Ed Writing
DLPDistance Learning Programs, formerly known as CDE, now CTYonline
E210Electronic JHU Attendance Form
EPGYEducation Program for Gifted Youth (Stanford online courses)
ETSEducational Testing Service
EWTExpository Writing Tutorial (former name of CTYonline writing courses)
GWGroupWise (previously used for internal messaging & calendaring)
IAAYInstitute for the Academic Advancement of Youth (CTY's name for a few years)
IMCIntrinsic Management Consultants – developers of "CIS"
ISOInformation Services Office aka “The Phone Bank”
JHEDJohns Hopkins Enterprise Directory
JHEMJohns Hopkins Enterprise Messaging (former web-mail)
JHUJohns Hopkins University
JKCJack Kent Cooke Foundation programs
JSAMJune Site Administrators Meeting. Annual meeting for Summer Programs staff.
MRAMathematical Reasoning Ability
NGVFNext Generation Venture Fund (outgrowth of the Goldman Sachs project) -
PLUSNot an acronym, believe it or not. (Test taken in 5th and 6th grade.)
PSATPreliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
SATScholastic Aptitude Test
SCATSchool and College Abilities Test
SDBSarah D. Barder (affiliated with our West Coast office)
SETStudy of Exceptional Talent -
SMaRTStudent Medical and Resident Tracking - Summer Programs software
SMPYStudy of Mathematically Precocious Youth (early name of CTY)
SPEStudent Program Evaluation
SPSBE(spiz-bee) JHU's School of Professional Studies in Business and Education.
SSATSecondary School Admissions Test
STBSpatial Test Battery
STEPSequential Test of Educational Progress
TIPDuke's Talent Identification Program
TSTalent Search aka Center for Talent Identification (CTI)
VPNVirtual Private Network (secure access to certain JHU resources from off-campus)
VRAVerbal Reasoning Ability
WROWestern Regional Office (CTY's office in Marina del Ray, California)
YS (part1)Young Students (Summer Programs grades 2-6)
YS (part2)Young Scholars as defined by the Jack Kent Cooke programs
YWTYoung Students Writing Tutorial, now part of CTYOnline

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