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Johns Hopkins Graduate Medical Education

Residency Programs



Here is a table of Johns Hopkins Housestaff benefits compared to benefits of 7 leading residency programs in the country. 

University Health Services

Parents in a Pinch

Emergency Fund 


Free Classes

Jury Duty

We do our best to make sure you are excused from jury duty as a resident.

Please present your summons to the registrar’s office ASAP and they will provide documentation on your behalf.

You must follow-up on the status of your excusal. 


Moonlighting Hours Policy Change:

- Effective June 14, 2017.

- For Residents currently working on clinical services, the limit is up to 600 hours per year.

- For Residents currently engaged in research activities at least 90% of the time, the limit is up to 900 hours per year.

- For Fellows the limit is up to 900 hours per year.