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New JHPulse installation on Windows and Mac systems requires Administrative privileges. If you do not have Administrator rights on your system, contact your System/LAN Administrator for help with the installation. Instructions for supported Operating Systems can be found on the JHPulse Installation Instructions page.

It is anticipated that quarterly updates may be provided by the software vendor. IT@Hopkins plans to install updates biannually or annually, depending on the update release date, bug fixes or features enhancements included in an update. JHPulse clients configured for IT@Hopkins SSL VPN will receive updated client-side software (in the form of a Java applet). Although, you are not required to update the JHPulse client, IT@Hopkins recommends you update your JHPulse client when an update is made available. Administrative privileges are not required for updating the JHPulse client on Windows and Mac systems.


Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Unsupported Operating Systems

Incompatible Operating Systems and Browsers

The following devices and platforms are known to be incompatible. Customers will not be able to connect using these platforms.