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Getting Connected the First Time

1.     Review the appropriate installation guide for your computer: Windows XP, Windows 7/8, or MAC.

2.     Use an administrative account with permission to install software on your PC when you connecting to JHPulse.

  • If your computer is a managed PC, it is strongly recommended that you contact your support person or Lan Admin and request assistance before proceeding.

3.     Verify that your computer has a valid Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, by clicking here.

4.     Configure your web browser to allow software or applications to be installed by, which is the JHPulse server

5.     Multiple dialog boxes signed by Juniper Networks may appear the first time that you use JHPulse warning you that programs or software are trying to access your  computer.  Click OK or Yes to accept the software.

6.     After Junos Pulse successfully establishes a session, an icon will appear in your System Tray or on your Task Bar.  The icon looks like the picture at the top of this page.  You should also see a browser window showing a welcome message.

7.     Please close the web browser that you used to connect to JHPulse, or you may have problems accessing other Hopkins applications.

8.     Follow the link below to begin the connection process. For future sessions, you will only need to click on the picture of a lock to proceed.


To disconnect from the JHPulse session, right click the icon in the System Tray and select ‘Exit’ from the menu.

Get connected now.