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Setup Remote Desktop in the Web VPN

Important Note: Before proceeding, if first time using Remote Desktop to connect to your computer in the WIN domain, please contact your LAN Administrator to assist you with this setup.

__errorMessageGoesHere__ This form allows you to create a Remote Desktop connection to a computer in the WIN domain. A link to connect to your computer in the WIN domain will be bookmarked in the “HTML5 Access Sessions” panel. Type the name of the computer you will be connecting to in the box. (ex. MYPC10 or JH-WK-454) and click Submit:


Once you click Submit, you must logoff the Web VPN and when you log back in you will see a HTML5 Remote Desktop bookmark appear in the “HTML5 Access Sessions” panel:

Click on new HTML5 Remote Desktop bookmark to Remote Desktop to the computer.

Important Notes:

  1. You can only bookmark one computer at a time for Remote Desktop.
  2. Computer already bookmarked for Remote Desktop will be displayed in the box. To change computer, replace with name of the new computer you wish to Remote Desktop to and submit your change. Logoff the Web VPN and log back in to Remote Desktop/Connect to new computer.