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Johns Hopkins upgraded the Kronos Workforce Central solution to version 8.0 as of May 6, 2016.

All users are now required to use the Google Chrome (v45+) browser to access Kronos WFC v 8.0 - this new application is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer. To log into the new Kronos v8, please follow these steps:

Option 1 | Kronos Icon (Google Chrome) on Desktop

  1. On your computer desktop, locate the Kronos icon (seen below)
  • NOTE: If icon displayed below does not appear on your desktop, please try Option 2 below or contact your LAN Administrator for assistance
  1. Double click the icon to open Kronos WFC in Google Chrome
  2. Login using your JHED ID and PASSWORD

Option 2 | Kronos WFC Google Chrome Application (Windows)

  1. Go to Start and type "Chrome" in the Search Properties and Files box
  2. Locate and select the Google Chrome program
  3. Enter the website (Save as bookmark/favorite as needed)
  4. Login using your JHED ID and PASSWORD


Any additional questions or issues please see below to contact the support team.