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Dear {$NAME}:

This message has been automatically generated and sent to you because your Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) account has been flagged for deletion.  The JHED account (LogonID) that will be deleted on {$accountDeleteDate} is: {$UID}.

The deletion process from JHED takes 7 days. Should you feel that your account has been improperly flagged for deletion, please contact your departmental administrator as soon as possible. You may receive this message if you have recently transitioned between Hopkins entities as your record is removed from one system and added to another. Your departmental administrator can assist by sponsoring your JHED account during this transition if it will last longer than 7 days.

Please read if you feel that you are receiving this notification in error:

For the purpose of these instructions, the JHED departmental administrator is typically the HR person that handles departmental payroll.

​If you still feel that your account has been improperly flagged for deletion, you should contact your JHED departmental administrator as soon as possible. Your administrator must resolve or contact the JHED team before {$ContactBeforeDate}in order for your account access to remain uninterrupted. Once your JHED record is deleted, you will not have access to JHED or the ability to modify your email aliases.

Email Aliases:

If you would like to route your email aliases to an external email service provider, such as Gmail or Yahoo, this must be done prior to your JHED account being deleted.

To route your aliases to an external service, login to, click the JHED icon in the left column and then select Email Alias. From this screen, click to accept the policy and enter your external email address within the custom address field.

(Please note the ability to forward aliases using a custom address field MAY not be available to all users depending on their Johns Hopkins Affiliation.)

Your email aliases will then continue to work for another 45 days so that you can transition to another email service provider. The email aliases that are associated with your JHED record are:


Your email aliases will forward until: {$aliasDeleteDate}

How to get help if all else fails:

Please contact the IT Help Desk by submitting a self-service ticket. To do so, please login to, click on the Helpdesk icon in the left column and select Report a Problem. Alternatively, you may call the IT Help Desk at 410-955-HELP (4357).

Thank you,
The JHED Team at Johns Hopkins Institutions