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Dear {$SponsorName},

This is an automated message from the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) alerting you that the Enterprise Directory accounts that you are responsible for are due to expire. As the responsible party, please take the appropriate action immediately.

JHED record(s) due to expire:

JHED Department Administrators with access to JHED Department Admin Toolkit:

If the account(s) is to remain active, the Expiration Date must be extended. You can extend the Expiration Date for the accounts(s) via the JHED Department Admin Toolkit. Open the record within the Department Admin Toolkit and adjust the Expiration Date listed on the Personal Info page. For security reasons, you can only adjust the Expiration Date for up to six months at a time.

Secondary Sponsor without access to JHED Department Admin Toolkit

A JHED Department Administrator sponsored the record(s) on your behalf.  Please contact the sponsor to request the extension.

If you need additional assistance:

Please contact the IT Help Desk by submitting a self-service ticket. To do so, please login to, click on the Helpdesk icon in the left column and select Report a Problem. Alternatively, you may call the IT Help Desk at 410-955-HELP (4357).

Thank you,
The JHED Team at Johns Hopkins Institutions