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Welcome to the Office 365 Email System!

There are a couple of things you should do to make your transition to using Office 365 go as smoothly as possible:

1.    Create Email Forwarding rule – if needed

Your email alias of and/or should be delivering e-mail to Office 365.

If you want to forward your Hopkins email to an alternate email address outside of the Office 365 system, log into your Office 365 account.  Then go to Options, select the Connected Accounts tab, scroll to bottom and enter alternate email address under ‘Forwarding’.  Click on ‘Start Forwarding’.

Detailed instructions with screen shots can be found at:

Follow these additional steps if you are migrating your email account from JHEM to Office 365:

2.   Migrate your JHEM mailbox to Office 365 by using the Office 365 Web app connector

Note: Calendars cannot be migrated.  JHEM contacts can be migrated by special request

In the main window of the Office 365 Web App, go to Options, See All Options, click on the Connected Accounts tab, click on New..., enter your in e-mail address field and enter your JHED password.     Please disregard the message about a verification e-mail message been sent to your email account.  This does not pertain to connecting your JHEM mailbox to your Office 365 account and you do not need to check your email account for this message

Detailed instructions with screen shots can be found at:  

3.  Change email aliases to route to Office 365

The email alias or or have been automatically changed to deliver email to Office 365.

If you have other aliases, please change the routing address to Office 365 by logging into the portal. 

Go to the myJhed tab, In the Applications window select Email Alias and click to accept the policy,

Scroll down to the columns titled 'Your Alias', in the next column for routing address, the address should be  If not, select the down arrow and change to your address.

Note: Before your JHEM mailbox is disabled, any aliases still routing to JHEM will be changed to route to Office 365.

If you have email questions or problems, please check the IT @ JH web site at or contact the Help Desk.

Thank You,

Enterprise Messaging Team

IT @ Johns Hopkins