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Clinical PostDoctoral Fellow

Research & Clinical PostDoctoral Fellow

Research PostDoctoral Fellow

PostDoctoral Fellow - House Staff





If you are having a rotator come through your division, please vertify dates of rotation.

We will need the following information:


Date of Birth



Cell Phone


Email address

Dates of rotation


J1 Visa Paperwork

Please see the attached link for the necessary paperwork to process a J1 visa. There are two categories:

Post Doc and Non Post Doc. Also there is a Departmental and Applicant forms that need to be completed.

The coversheet of the Departmental form gives a list necessary paperwork. Please make sure you submit all

documentation to

 Faculty Appointments

All Faculty appointment need a Letter of Recommendation addressed to the Dean but reviewed and signed by Dr. Dover.

The most recent CV in Hopkins format and Degree Verification. New faculty appointments, EEO report needs to be submitted, please complete and submit -

Depending on which rank you are submitting, additional information will be needed.

Please contact for additional information.

 Criminal Background Process

See see the new process - please send name and Social Security to to start the process.

 1.     Department contact submits online CBI Request Form (Name and email address only)

2.     HR receives email notification that a request has been made

3.     HR initiates CBI by providing Universal with the name and email address of the candidate

4.     Universal sends dedicated link to candidate via email

5.     Candidate utilizes link provided to enter information required and sign Disclosure/Authorization form

6.     Universal notifies HR when investigation is in progress

7.     Universal notifies HR that investigation is complete

8.     HR generates report to Department contact