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Student Accompanists

Peabody provides accompanists for lessons, repertoire classes, and juries. Student accompanists are full-time piano majors that have been approved to accompany. Most accompanists hold one of the graduate assistantships in accompanying that are offered each year, both for general studio work and in opera.  Other students are paid by the hour.

Students may request an accompanist by completing the webform at the link that follows. The Accompanying Coordinator (a graduate assistant), who serves as a liaison between students needing partners and assistantship holders or student accompanists, will assign an accompanist to a service as requested by the student.  The requesting student is guaranteed a working relationship with the pianist initially assigned throughout a repertoire assignment, with a view toward preparing a hearing, jury, or recital.

In all cases, the Coordinator will assign all available hours to the graduate assistants before assigning other students.


 The Conservatory does not pay for rehearsal time except for “Singing In” and vocal repertoire classes nor does it provide accompanists for recitals and competitions. In situations where a student is required to pay an accompanist, reasonable fees should be negotiated between the two parties.