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Non-Degree Recitals

Non-degree recitals:      

  1. Must take place in the first 7 weeks of the fall semester (before fall break)        
    or in the first 5 weeks of the spring semester (before audition week)
  2. Must involve no more than 5 players total.
  3. May not take place on a weekend.

Halls available for non-degree recitals are Griswold, Cohen-Davison and Goodwin.

Students may give 2 non-degree recitals per year.

  1. To schedule a non-degree recital, sign up for an appointment with the Concert Office. The sign-up sheet will be on the Concert Office door.
  2. Check the general availability of your accompanist and any other players on the recital beforeyou come in to choose a date. Try to make an appointment at least 5 weeks before you wish to give your recital.
  3. After you schedule the recital date, you will be given a form on which you will provide yourtyped program.
  4. After the program is on the form, you must sign the form and obtain the signature of your major teacher and the Director of Ensembles, Linda Goodwin. You may attach your printed program to the form. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be excused from a large ensemble rehearsal or performance for a recital. This includes asking for an unexcused absence. YOUR RECITAL DATE CANNOT BE CONFIRMED UNTIL YOU TURN IN YOUR PROGRAM FORM TO THE CONCERT OFFICE WITH ALL REQUIRED SIGNATURES.
  5. The form must be returned to the Concert Office NO LATER THAN 4 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR RECITAL DATE. The Concert Office cannot provide programs for your recital unless you turn in your form by this deadline. You will be responsible for your own programs if you do not turn in your form on time. The Concert Office reserves the right to cancel a non-degree recital if the Non-Degree Recital Form has not been turned in 3 weeks before the scheduled recital date.
  6. After you return your signed form, your recital will be considered a “Scheduled Recital”. There is a $50 drop/add fee for changing a scheduled recital date, or a $50 cancellation fee for canceling a scheduled recital (except with documented injury or emergency). The Concert Office will charge a $25 fee to duplicate programs for rescheduled recitals. ***Failure to inform the Concert Office of a cancellation will result in an additional $50 fine.
  7. Students giving a non-degree recital may have one hour of rehearsal time in the hall they have chosen for their recital. Non-degree recitals may be given in Griswold Hall, Cohen-Davison Theatre and Goodwin Recital Hall only. Please make an appointment to schedule your rehearsal at least 4 weeks before your recital date. There will be a sign-up sheet for appointments to schedule rehearsals on the Concert Office door.
  8. The Concert Office does not supply ushers for student recitals.

Please remember to pick up your programs in the concert office.