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Withholding of Directory Information

Peabody Student Directory

The Peabody Institute designates the following information “Directory Information” and includes it in lists of student information that are made available to faculty, staff and administration.

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Permanent Address
  • Local Address
  • School E-mail Address
  • Personal E-mail Address
  • Degree Program
  • Enrollment Status

Any of the above information could be made available to general inquiries by staff, faculty, or students as “directory information.” If you wish to suppress any of the above and have it omitted from the printed school directory, please print out and fill out the PDF file on this page and turn it into the Conservatory Registrar's Office. 

Directory Information Hold Form

Please submit requests to withhold directory data to:

Office of the Registrar
1 E. Mt. Vernon Place
Baltimore, MD 21202

Online myJohnshopkins directory

The University has an online directory available on the Johns Hopkins Portal at The following data will initially be available via the intranet view (within the JHU domain): name, division, department, and email. It is your responsibility to determine which data you would like to have suppressed. The internet view will display no data until you make it available. To change data on myJHU follow the directions under JHED Functions/Set Online Visibility.

The University policy on FERPA is online at