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Petition to Graduate

This form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office if the diploma is to be presented at the Commencement Exercises on May 23, 2018. Petitions are due on January 12, 2018. There is a $30 fee for petitions submitted after this date. If you are receiving multiple degrees, please use a separate form for each degree.
Please enter your name EXACTLY as it should appear on your diploma:
Please select your degree and major. If you will receive more than one degree and/or major, you will need to fill out a separate petition for each.
Ceremony Attendance (check all that apply)*
**Please note: If you plan to attend the Peabody Commencement ceremony, there will be a mandatory rehearsal on Tuesday, May 22nd.
Previous Degrees: Please list any previous degrees beyond the Associate Level.
Degree 1
Degree 2
Degree 3
Contact Information: This should be current so that we can reach you with important graduation information when necessary.
Please provide an address where your diploma may be mailed if necessary. It should be valid through the summer of 2018. Diplomas mailed to international addresses will be mailed via third class mail and will not be tracked. They may take several months to arrive.
If you plan to leave the country after graduation, please request any transcripts or verification letters that you will need to take with you at least five business days prior to your departure.
Important: After submitting this form, please review your biographical information in your SIS account. Please make sure your gender, race, ethnicity and contact information are correct.