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New Course Numbers

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Dept Old Number New Number (some course numbers will not have changed) Title
Brass PY.530.419/420 PY.410.419/420 Trombone Repertoire. Class
Brass PY.530.453/454 PY.410.453/454 Horn Repertoire Class
Brass PY.530.457/458 PY.410.457/458 Orch. Repertoire- Trumpet
Brass PY.530.459 PY.410.459 Resp. Function Winds
Brass PY.950.547,847/548,848 PY.950.547,847/548,848 Brass Ensemble/Repertoire Class
Composition PY.310.411 PY.310.411 Junior Bach Outreach Program
Composition PY.310.515/516 PY.310.515/516 Music Now
Composition PY.310.545,845/546,846 PY.310.545,845/546,846 Composition Seminar
Composition PY.310.691 PY.310.691 Composition Portfolio
Composition PY.310.793 PY.310.793 Composition Commentary
Computer Music PY.350.437,837 PY.350.437,837 Digital Music Programing I
Computer Music Py.350.438,838 Py.350.438,838 Digital Music Programing II
Computer Music PY.350.463/464 PY.350.463/464 Introduction to Computer Music
Computer Music PY.350.465 PY.350.465 Introduction to Web Design
Computer Music PY.350.466 PY.350.466 Introduction to Programming (Using Multimedia)
Computer Music PY.350.467,867 PY.350.467,867 Synthesis Theory I
Computer Music PY.350.468,868 PY.350.468,868 Synthesis Theory II
Computer Music PY.350.545,845/546,846 PY 350.545,845/546,846 Computer Music Seminar
Computer Music PY.350.691 PY.350.691 Computer Music Master's Thesis
Computer Music PY.350.693 PY.350.693 Computer Music Composition Portfolio
Computer Music PY.350.835 PY.350.835 Studio Techniques
Computer Music PY.350.841/842 PY.350.841/842 Research Practicum
Computer Music PY.350.847/848 PY.350.847/848 Computer Music Area Seminar- Special Topics
Computer Music PY.350.871 PY.350.871 Music Notation Software
Computer Music PY.350.899 PY.350.899 Computer Music Internship
Conducting PY.330.311 PY.330.311 Basic Conducting
Conducting PY.330.411/412 PY.330.411/412 Intermediate Conducting
Conducting PY.330.413/414 PY.330.413/414 Advanced Conducting
Conducting PY.330.845,847/846,848 PY.330.845,847/846,848 Conducting Seminar
Early Music PY.370.491/492 PY.380.491/492 Harpsicord Tuning
Early Music PY.530.315 PY.380.315 Continuo I: Figured Bass
Early Music PY.530.337/338 PY.380.337/338 Baroque Violin/Viola Repertoire
Early Music PY.530.351/352 PY.380.351/352 Beginning Viola de Gamba
Early Music PY.530.353/354 PY.380.353/354 Viola de Gamba Consort
Early Music PY.530.355/356 PY.380.355/356 Recorder Consort
Early Music PY.530.421/422 PY.380.421 Harpsicord Literature
Early Music PY.530.433/434 PY.380.433/434 Lute Literature and Notation
Early Music PY.530.435 PY.380.435 Viola de Gamba Repertoire
Early Music PY.530.436 PY.380.436 Early Cello Literature
Early Music PY.530.439/440 PY.380.439/440 Baroque Violoncello
Early Music PY.530.441/442 PY.380.441/442 Baroque Ornamentation
Early Music PY.530.445 PY.380.445 Advanced Continuo
Early Music PY.530.543/544 PY.380.543/544 Early Vocal Literature
Early Music PY.950.553,853/554,854 PY.950.553,853/554,854 Renaissance Chamber Ensemble
Ensemble Arts PY.530.213/214 PY.450.213/214 Accompanying
Ensemble Arts PY.530.619/620 PY.450.619.620 Accompanying and Coaching Skills for Pianists I
Ensemble Arts PY.530.621/622 PY.450.621/622 Sonata Class
Ensemble Arts PY.530.625/626 PY.450.625/626 Accompanying and Coaching Skills for Pianists II
Ensemble Arts PY.530.639/640 PY.450.639/640 Student Coach, Opera Workshop
Ensemble Arts PY.530.813/814 PY.450.813/814 Advanced Accompanying (Graduate)
General Studies PY.360.411 PY.360.411 Copyrights and Contracts
General Studies PY.360.415/416 PY.360.415/416 Arts Administrator/ Orchestra Management
General Studies PY.360.421 PY.360.421 The Business of Music
General Studies PY.360.431 PY.360.431 Global Improvisation
General Studies PY.360.499 PY.360.499 Business of Music Practicum
General Studies PY.530.501/502 PY.360.501/502 Thursday Noon Recital Series
General Studies PY.530.503/504 PY.360.503/504 Thursday Noon Alternate Project
Guitar PY.470.545,845/546/846 PY.470.545,845/546/846 Guitar Seminar
Guitar PY.530.585/586 PY.470.585/586 Guitar Music Skills I
Guitar PY.530.587/588 PY.470.587/588 Guitar Music Skills II
Guitar PY.530.631/632 PY.470.631/632 Guitar Literature
Guitar PY.530.637/638 PY.470.637/638 Guitar Pedagogy
Harp PY.370.497/498 PY.420.497/498 Harp Maintenance
Harp PY.420.545,845/546/846 PY.420.545,845/546/846 Harp Seminar
Harp PY.530.495/496 PY.420.495/496 Harp Repertoire
Harp PY.530.629/630 PY.420.629/630 Harp Pedagogy
Harp PY.530.647/648 PY.420.647/648 Harp Pedagogy II
Humanities PY.225.001/002 PY.250.001/002 English Level 1: Listening and Speaking
Humanities PY.225.003/004 PY.250.003/004 English Level 1: Reading and Writing
Humanities PY.225.007/008 PY.250.007/008 English Level 2: English Skills for Graduate Study
Humanities PY.225.009/010 PY.250.009/010 English Applications
Humanities PY.230.111/112 PY.250.131/132 French I
Humanities PY.240.111.112 PY.250.121/122 German I
Humanities PY.250.111.112 PY.250.111.112 Italian I
Humanities PY.260.021 PY.260.021 English as a Second Language
Humanities PY.260.023 PY.260.023 Critical Writing Intensive
Humanities PY.260.115 PY.260.115 Humanities Core I: Analytical Thinking and Writing
Humanities PY.260.216 PY.260.216 Humanities Core II: Writing and Research Methods
Humanities PY.260.241/252 PY.260.241/252 Art History I-II
Humanities PY.260.249 PY.260.249 Film History: Sound and Scores
Humanities PY.260.250 PY.260.250 U.S. History
Humanities PY.260.261 PY.260.261 Introduction to Psychology
Humanities PY.260.320 PY.260.320 Shakespeare
Humanities PY.260.359 PY.260.359 Humanities Core III: Critical Methods
Humanities PY.260.360 PY.260.360 Humanities Core IV: Art, Culture, and Society
Jazz PY.530.561/562 PY.570.561/562 Jazz Improvisation I
Jazz PY.530.563/564 PY.570.563/564 Jazz Improvisation II
Jazz PY.530.570 PY.570.570 Jazz History
Jazz PY.720.127/128 PY.570.127/128 Jazz Fundamentals
Jazz PY.720.259/260 PY.570.259/260 Jazz Keyboard Studies
Jazz PY.720.359/360 PY.570.359/360 Advanced Jazz Harmony
Jazz PY.720.361/362 PY.570.361/362 Jazz Arranging and Composition
Jazz PY.720.363/364 PY.570.363/364 Jazz Ear training
Large Ensembles PY.910.511,811/512,812 PY.910.501,801/502,802 Peabody Hopkins Chorus
Large Ensembles PY.910.515,815/516,816 PY.910.515,815/516,816 Peabody Concert Singers
Large Ensembles PY.910.521,821/522,822 PY.910.501,801/502,802 Peabody Symphony Orchestra
Large Ensembles PY.910.523,823/524,824 PY.910.501,801/502,802 Peabody Concert Orchestra
Large Ensembles PY.910.527,827/528,828 PY.910.527,827/528,828 Baltimore Baroque Band (Baroque Orchestra)
Large Ensembles PY.910.529,829/530,830 PY.910.529,829/530,830 Renaissance Ensemble
Large Ensembles PY.910.533,833/534,834 PY.910.501,801/502,802 Peabody Modern Orchestra
Large Ensembles PY.910.535,835/536,836 PY.910.501,801/502,802 Peabody Wind Ensemble
Large Ensembles PY.910.537,837/538/838 PY.910.537,837/538/838 Peabody Jazz Ensemble
Large Ensembles PY.910.539,839/540,840 PY.910.539,839/540,840 Peabody Improvisation and Multimedia Ensemble
Large Ensembles PY.910.541,841/542,842 PY.910.541,841/542,842 Opera Theater
Large Ensembles PY.910.545,845/546/846 PY.910.545,845/546/846 Opera Workshop
Large Ensembles PY.910.547,847/548,848 PY.910.547,847/548,848 Chamber Opera
Music Education PY.510.112 PY.510.112 Introduction to Music Education
Music Education PY.510.211 PY.510.211 Brass Class
Music Education PY.510.212 PY.510.212 Woodwinds Class
Music Education PY.510.213 PY.510.213 Basic Instrumental Pedagogy
Music Education PY.510.223 PY.510.223 Percussion Class
Music Education PY.510.237,337 PY.510.237,337 Conducting the Secondary Choral Ensemble I/II
Music Education PY.510.238,338 PY.510.238,338 Conducting the Secondary Instrumental Ensemble I/II
Music Education PY.510.311 PY.510.311 Techniques for Teaching Elementary General Music
Music Education PY.510.312 PY.510.312 Techniques for Teaching Elementary Instrumental Music
Music Education PY.510.313 PY.510.313 Techniques for Teaching Secondary Instrumental Music
Music Education PY.510.314 PY.510.314 Techniques for Teaching Secondary Vocal/General Music
Music Education PY.510.324 PY.510.324 String Class
Music Education PY.510.411 PY.510.411 Intern Teaching
Music Education PY.510.413 PY.510.413 Music and Language
Music Education PY.510.414 PY.510.414 Music and the Special Student
Music Education PY.510.441 PY.510.441 Intern Teaching Seminar
Music Education PY.510.611 PY.510.611 Psychology of Music Teaching
Music Education PY.510.612 PY.510.612 Research in Music Education
Music Education PY.510.613 PY.510.613 History and Philosophy of Music Education
Music Education PY.510.614 PY.510.614 Supervision and Curriculum Development
Music Education PY.510.615/616 PY.510.615/616 Music Education Electives
Music Education PY.510.621 PY.510.621 Graduate Practicum
Music Education PY.510.626 PY.510.626 Music Education and Society
Music Education PY.510.691 PY.510.691 Independent Field Study
Music Theory PY.710.109 PY.710.109 Music Theory I Intensive Diatonic Voice Leading
Music Theory PY.710.110 PY.710.110 Music Theory 2 Intensive Diatonic and Chromatic Voice Leading Into to Form
Music Theory PY.710.111 PY.710.111 Music Theory I Diatonic Voice Leading
Music Theory PY.710.112 PY.710.112 Music Theory 2 Diatonic and Chromatic Voice Leading Intro to Form
Music Theory PY.710.113 PY.710.113 Music Theory 1-2 (Accelerated)
Music Theory PY.710.211 PY.710.211 Music Theory 3 : Baroque Counterpoint
Music Theory PY.710.212 PY.710.212 Music Theory 4: Studies of Classic and Romantic Styles
Music Theory PY.710.214 PY.710.214 Music Theory 3-4
Music Theory PY.710.311 PY.710.311 Music Theory 5: Late Romantic and 20th Century Musical Practices
Music Theory PY.710.412 PY.710.412 Instrumentation and Arranging
Music Theory PY.710.413/414 PY.710.413/414 Orchestration
Music Theory PY.710.415 PY.710.415 Graduate Theory Review
Music Theory PY.710.417 PY.710.417 Graduate Theory Review 2
Music Theory PY.710.613 PY.710.613 Music and Meaning
Music Theory PY.710.615 PY.710.615 Music and Philosophy
Music Theory PY.710.616 PY.710.616 Music and Semiotics
Music Theory PY.710.619 PY.710.619 Chamber Music Analysis
Music Theory PY.710.620 PY.710.620 Song Analysis
Music Theory PY.710.621 PY.710.621 Musical Puzzles, Games and Machines
Music Theory PY.710.623 PY.710.623 Introduction to Shenkerian Analysis
Music Theory PY.710.628 PY.710.628 Brahms
Music Theory PY.710.629 PY.710.629 Music Since 1970
Music Theory PY.710.633 PY.710.633 Renaissance Counterpoint
Music Theory PY.710.634 PY.710.634 Baroque Counterpoint
Music Theory PY.710.647/648 PY.710.647/648 Analysis of 19th Century Piano Literature
Music Theory PY.710.649 PY.710.649 Music Theory Pedagogy
Music Theory PY.710.665 PY.710.665 Analysis and Performance
Music Theory PY.710.677 PY.710.677 Fugue: From Bach to Shostakovich
Music Theory PY.710.682 PY.710.682 Schumann
Music Theory PY.710.685 PY.710.685 Music Theory Pedagogy Project
Music Theory PY.710.687/688 PY.710.687/688 The Well-Tempered Clavier
Music Theory PY.710.692 PY.710.692 Wind Orchestration
Music Theory PY.710.714 PY.710.714 Thinking by Ear: Segue to the 20th Century
Music Theory PY.710.834/844 PY.710.834/844 Independent Study in Music Theory
Music Theory ET/SS PY.710.119/120 PY.715.119/120 Ear-Training/Sight-Singing Intensive
Music Theory ET/SS PY.710.123/124 PY.715.123/124 Ear-Training, Rhythm Studies, and Sight-Singing 1
Music Theory ET/SS PY.710.125/126 PY.715.125/216 Ear-Training/Sight-Singing Perfect Pitch
Music Theory ET/SS PY.710.223/224 PY.715.223/224 Ear-Training, Rhythm Studies, and Sight-Singing 2
Music Theory ET/SS PY.710.323/324 PY.715.323/324 Ear-Training 3 Contemporary Music Studies
Music Theory ET/SS PY.710.425/426 PY.715.425/426 Graduate Ear-Training Review
Music Theory Keyboard Studies PY.710.155/156 PY.715.155/156 Keyboard Studies 1: Non-Piano Majors
Music Theory Keyboard Studies PY.710.255/256 PY.715.255/256 Keyboard Studies 2: Non-Piano Majors
Musicology PY.610.311 PY.610.311 History of Music I
Musicology PY.610.312 PY.610.312 History of Music II
Musicology PY.610.313 PY.610.313 History of Music III
Musicology PY.610.314 PY.610.314 History of Music IV
Musicology PY.610.601 PY.610.601 History of Music Intensive
Musicology PY.610.632 PY.610.632 Music and Evolution
Musicology PY.610.634 PY.610.634 Baroque Performance Practice
Musicology PY.610.636 PY.610.636 Interpreting Music
Musicology PY.610.637 PY.610.637 Topics in Music Cognition
Musicology PY.610.640 PY.610.640 The African-American Gospel Tradition in Baltimore
Musicology PY.610.644 PY.610.644 Nineteenth-Century Performance Practice
Musicology PY.610.651 PY.610.651 Music Bibliography
Musicology PY.610.657 PY.610.657 Music in Weimar Republic Germany
Musicology PY.610.659 PY.610.659 Lateness, Decadence and Mannerism in the Writing of Music History
Musicology PY.610.668 PY.610.668 Berlioz and the Romantic Imagination
Musicology PY.610.671 PY.610.671 Issues in Ethnomusicology
Musicology PY.610.684 PY.610.684 Transnationalism and Globalism in Music
Musicology PY.610.691 PY.610.691 Master's Essay
Musicology PY.610.693 PY.610.693 American Music
Musicology PY.610.755/756 PY.610.755/759 Graduate Research
Musicology PY.610.791 PY.610.791 Dissertation
Musicology PY.610.792 PY.610.792 Lecture-Recital Paper
Musicology PY.610.813/814 PY.610.813/814 Consultation/Degree in Progress
Musicology PY.610.843/844 PY.610.843/844 Musicology Independent Study
Musicology PY.610.847/848 PY.610.847/848 Musicology Colloquium
Opera PY.530.391/392 PY.540.391/392 Stage Movement for Singers
Opera PY.530.491/492 PY.540.490/492 Acting for Opera
Opera PY.530.535/536 PY.540.535/536 Opera Styles and Traditions
Opera PY.530.593,893/594,894 PY.540.593,893/594,894 Professional Coaching in Opera
Organ PY.460.423/424 PY.460.423/424 Organ Literature
Organ PY.460.545,546/845,846 PY.460.545,546/845,846 Organ Seminar
Organ PY.530.425/426 PY.460.425/426 Resources for Contemporary Church Musicians
Pedagogy PY.520.615 PY.520.615 Pedagogy Internship
Pedagogy PY.520.617 PY.520.617 Internship Seminar
Pedagogy PY.520.618 PY.520.618 Portfolio Development
Percussion PY.530.567/568 PY.415.567/568 Contemporary Chamber Music for Percussion
Piano/Keyboard PY.450.845 PY.450.845 Graduate Piano Seminar
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.111/112 PY.450.111/112 Sight-reading
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.211/212 PY.715.211/212 Keyboard Skills for Piano Majors I- II
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.311/312 PY.715.311/312 Keyboard Skills for Piano Majors III-IV
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.411 PY.450.411 Keyboard Literature I
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.412 PY.450.412 Keyboard Literature II
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.413 PY.450.413 Keyboard Literature III
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.414 PY.450.413 Keyboard Literature IV
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.633/634 PY.715.633/634 Advanced Keyboard Skills for Pianists
Piano/Keyboard PY.530.667/668 PY.450.667/668 Piano Pedagogy
Recital PY.190.395 PY.190.395 Recital
Recital PY.190.495 PY.190.495 Recital
Recital PY.190.695 PY.190.695 Recital
Recital PY.190.696 PY.190.696 Recital
Recital PY.190.794 PY.190.794 Recital
Recital PY.190.795 PY.190.795 Recital
Recital PY.190.796 PY.190.796 Recital
Recital PY.190.797 PY.190.797 Recital
Recital PY.190.798 PY.190.798 Recital
Recital PY.190.799 PY.190.799 Recital
Recording Arts PY.550.111/112 PY.550.111/112 Recording I - Fundamentals
Recording Arts PY.550.211/212 PY.550.211/212 Recording II- Studio Technology
Recording Arts PY.550.311/312 PY.550.311/312 Recording III- Studio Techniques
Recording Arts PY.550.411/412 PY.550.411/412 Recording IV Studio Techniques
Recording Arts PY.550.419 PY.550.419 Recording Internship
Recording Arts PY.550.511/512 PY.550.511/512 Advanced Recording Systems
Recording Arts PY.550.513/514 PY.550.513/514 Advanced Studio Production
Recording Arts PY.550.515 PY.550.515 Musical Acoustics
Recording Arts PY.550.516 PY.550.516 Electoacoustics
Recording Arts PY.550.517 PY.550.517 Psychoacoustics
Recording Arts PY.550.611 PY.550.611 Consumer Audio Systems: Critical Listening and Analysis of Topologies
Recording Arts PY.550.612 PY.550.612 Audio System Design: Engineering And Technology
Recording Arts PY.550.623 PY.550.623 Physical Acoustics
Recording Arts PY.550.624 PY.550.624 Architectural Acoustics
Recording Arts PY.550.626 PY.550.626 Noise Control
Recording Arts PY.550.640 PY.550.640 Acoustics Design Practicum
Recording Arts PY.550.651/652 PY.550.651/625 Recording for Musicians
Recording Arts PY.550.699 PY.550.699 Graduate Final Project or Internship
Small Ensembles PY.950.525,825/526,826 PY.950.525,825/526,826 Jazz Ensemble
Small Ensembles PY.950.527,827/528,828 PY.950.527,827/528,828 Baroque Ensemble
Small Ensembles PY.950.531,831/532,832 PY.950.531,831/532,832 Chamber Ensemble
Small Ensembles PY.950.539,839/540,840 PY.950.539,839/540,840 Piano Ensemble
Small Ensembles PY.950.541,841/542,842 PY.950.541,841/542,842 Guitar Ensemble
Small Ensembles PY.950.543,843 PY.950.543,843 Harp Ensemble
Small Ensembles PY.950.549.849/550,850 PY.950.549.849/550,850 Latin Jazz Ensemble
Small Ensembles PY.950.553,853/554,854 PY.950.553,853/554,854 Renaissance Chamber Ensemble
Strings PY.530.449/451 PY.425.449/450 Orchestral Repertoire for Violin
Strings PY.530.451/542 PY.425.451/452 Orchestral Repertoire for Viola
Strings PY.530.465/466 PY.425.465/466 Orchestral Repertoire for Cello
Strings PY.530.467/468 PY.425.467/468 Orchestral Repertoire for Double Bass
Strings PY.530.641/642 PY.425.641/642 Violoncello Pedagogy
Strings PY.530.651/652 PY.425.651/652 Violin/Viola Pedagogy
Voice PY.530.469 PY.530.469 Singing in Italian
Voice PY.530.470 PY.530.470 Italian Song
Voice PY.530.471 PY.530.471 Singing in Russian
Voice PY.530.472 PY.530.472 Russian Art Songs
Voice PY.530.473/474 PY.530.473/474 Opera Literature
Voice PY.530.475 PY.530.475 Singing in English
Voice PY.530.476 PY.530.476 English and American Song
Voice PY.530.477 PY.530.477 Singing in German
Voice PY.530.480 PY.530.480 French Melodie
Voice PY.530.481 PY.530.481 German Lieder
Voice PY.530.483 PY.530.483 Singing in French
Voice PY.530.543/544 PY.380.543/544 Early Vocal Literature
Voice PY.530.545 PY.530.545 Graduate Diction Review
Voice PY.530.571/572 PY.530.571/572 Advanced American and British Song
Voice PY.530.671 PY.530.671 Operas of Mozart
Voice PY.530.683 PY.530.683 Vocal Pedagogy
Voice PY.530.684 Py.530.684 Vocal Pedagogy Lab
Voice PY.530.687 PY.530.687 Oratorio
Voice PY.530.695/696 PY.530.695/696 Advanced Lieder Studies
Woodwinds PY.530.455/456 PY.430.455/456 Orchestral Repertoire for Clarinet
Woodwinds PY.530.459 PY.430.459 Respiratory Function for Wind Instruments
Woodwinds PY.530.463/464 PY.430.463/464 Piccolo Class
Woodwinds PY.530.519/520 PY.430.519/520 Orchestral Repertoire for Flute
Woodwinds PY.530.573/574 PY.430.573/574 Orchestral Repertoire for Oboe/English Horn
Woodwinds PY.530.575/576 PY.430.575/576 Orchestral Repertoire for Bassoon
Woodwinds PY.530.591/592 PY.430.591/592 Oboe Reed making