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Technology Center

The Peabody Technology Center supports the academic research, instructional, and administrative objectives of the Peabody Institute by providing faculty, students and staff with a state of the art multimedia computing facility. The Center is designed to accommodate a variety of uses including: classes, multimedia presentations, training sessions, and research. Please, call 667-208-6544, or see a staff-member on duty if you have any questions.

Regular Hours (September - May)

Monday - Thursday10:00am - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday1:00pm - 10:00pm

Classes in the Technology Center

Classes in the Technology Center must be booked at least one week in advance. Faculty members may reserve by calling the IT Service Desk at 667-208-6544 or emailing

Students may use available computers during a class with the instructor's permission.

Expanded Recycling Options

Bring your old batteries, electronics, toner and inkjet cartridges to the Technology Center for proper, environmentally sound recycling.


The Peabody Technology Center is now printing using the Pharos system, which is shared with the Homewood campus, and is based on your J-Card.

When you print, you will select which printer you wish to print with, review your settings (such as Duplex or Single-Sided), send it to the printer by clicking print, and then name your job so we can retrieve your jobs (please use different names if you are printing multiple items so we can tell they are not duplicates).

Your jobs will not print until we have swiped your J-Card, and funds have been transferred, but they will remain in the queue for two hours, or until they are printed. After two hours, they will automatically void. This cuts down on wasted paper and unwanted printing.

If you do not have a J-Card, they are available for free if you've never received one, or a small replacement fee if you'velost yours. you can contact the J-card office via email at or go to their webpage at to learn how to get a card.

If you already have a J-Card, but do not have any money on it, there is a pay-station located next to the JHFCU ATM next to the cafeteria in the west dorm tower, or you can use one of the options listed here



Training for use of the Technology Center 's hardware and software is available for those who plan to teach classes in the Center. Call the Technology Center at 667-208-6544 to arrange for a training session.