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Student Resources

The following information and resources links are intended to help Peabody Students navigate and successfully utilize information technologies at Peabody and Johns Hopkins University.

Important IT@JH Resource Links

IT@JH is the enterprise information technolgy group that serves all of Johns Hopkins. Many core IT resources are located within IT@JH. The following resource links should help you get information on how to get started and take advantage of IT resources at JHU.

  • JHED and First Time Login - In order to login and use many IT resources, you must first get your Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED) account setup.
  • Getting started with IT@JH - A step by step getting started guide for any user new to the JHU environment.
  • Office 365 Email - Instructions for accomplishing various tasks in the Oulook 365 student email system.
  • NEW! Equipment, exclusively for students - including a 36" Poster Printer, and 3D Printer.
  • Wireless Network Services - Connection information for various device types and an overview of the wireless options at JHU.
  • JHARS Registration - Before you can use any device on the JHU network, you must first register it using the JHARS system. This guide shows you how to get up, step-by-step.
  • Antivirus - It is essential that students obide by the JHU security and appropriate use standards. This includes the installation and use of a JHU approved anti-virus software package.
  • Software - Students are eligible to download ONE copy of Office and/or an upgrade Windows OS (Win 7/8) at no cost.
  • ISIS - The student information system that you will use to register for classes and perform various other key tasks.
  • Information Technology Policies - Key policies for appropriate use of JHU technology resources.
  • Blackboard - Some of your courses may use the Blackboard Course Management system.