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About Team CORUS

What is Team CORUS?

Team CORUS is a team communication tool for clinicians. Think of it as PING meets instant messaging.

How does Team CORUS work?

Search for a person, device, channel or consult. Compose your message. Send.

Online users will see messages in a room. Offline users will receive a notification that they've got a Team CORUS message waiting on their mobile device or email.

Which mobile devices does Team CORUS support?

Team CORUS sends messages to pagers, cell phones and Ascom phones. It even supports PING Inbox.

What else do I need to know?

In Team CORUS, messages are organized by #channels and @direct messages.


#channels are messages sent to groups of people and devices organized by a common element, such as a department or a topic. Within a channel, messages are open and transparent, allowing Team CORUS users to come and go from the room and view entire histories or archives of messages sent to that channel. As we continue to build Team CORUS, channels will eventually include the patient as a topic, pulling data from the EMR to enable quick and efficient collaboration across the patient's entire treatment team.

@direct messages

@direct messages are messages sent to one or more individuals. Within a direct message, communications are closed and limited to those participants invited into the room by the message sender. This is how PING currently works. With Team CORUS direct messages, however, message contents are visible within the app for several days.


Notifications are a key Team CORUS feature. If you're in Team CORUS on a desktop when you receive a Team CORUS message, an unread message counter will appear. Your browser may even alert you that you have a new message. If you're offline, don't worry! Team CORUS knows this and will also send you a notification via text message to a pager, cell phone or Ascom phone. To trigger a notification to someone who may be offline, type the "at" symbol "@" and then the user name of the person your want to alert - Team CORUS will suggest the person to you and take care of the rest.


Search is also a lot more robust in Team CORUS. Use filters to limit results to people and devices or show only channels that match your search criteria. Not sure what the person's last name was but know they're in "Ophthalmology"? Expand the Advanced Filters option on the BEGIN CONVERSATION screen and drill down by tag.

File Share

Team CORUS file share is also a big deal. Now you can send photos without HIPAA violation. Collaborate on documents together. Create goals in a spreadsheet. Team CORUS supports it. It even has emojis.


Please let us know what you think. Send questions or comments to