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Team CORUS Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin a new message?

  • Click the blue SEARCH button, located at the top of your Team CORUS homepage.
  • Begin your search by entering the name of person, channel or consult you would like to message.

Why can’t I find myself in Team CORUS search?

  • In Team CORUS, you cannot send a message to yourself. Because of this, you will not find yourself in search results.

Why did I receive a URL instead of an actual message?

What is a direct message?

  • A direct message is one that you send to one or more individual Team CORUS users.
  • Direct message contents are private to the members of the room.

What is a channel?

  • A channel is a pre-defined Team CORUS group. These are all of the departmental, unit and service-based groups that exist in PING.
  • Channel messages are public to members of the room.

Where will I receive mobile notifications such as pages and text messages?

  • Channel and direct message notifications will flow to your current preferred PING device. This includes your pager, cell phone or PING Inbox. 

When I send a message in a channel, will all channel users be notified?

  • Yes. In-browser notifications are attempted first.
  • Mobile notifications occur when any of the following statements are TRUE:
    • When the Team CORUS user is offline.
    • When the Team CORUS sender is not a member of the channel to which he or she is sending a message.
    • When the Team CORUS sender includes @userid or @all in the message content.
    • When the Team CORUS recipient has unread messages waiting after 30 seconds.

How will the switch to Team CORUS affect my notifications? 

  • Team CORUS notification settings currently follow your PING preferences.
  • Unread Team CORUS messages will follow the same path that PING currently does, which is to your preferred PING device.
  • All notification preferences are managed through myProfile.

I am a PING Inbox user. How will the switch to Team CORUS affect me?

  • Team CORUS employs a responsive design, so it looks and feels very much like the web version.
  • In the coming weeks, PING Inbox users will be the first to receive an invitation to Team CORUS Mobile.
  • For the immediate term, please continue to use your PING Inbox account.

What should I do to prepare myself for the switch to Team CORUS?

  • To prepare, we recommend you login to myJH and review your Preferred PING Device settings within myProfile. 
  • Verify your current groups in PING are up to date. If they're not, let us know at

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

  • Please direct any questions or feedback to: We look forward to hearing from you!