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Profile Settings

  • PING is currently the "source of truth" for your contact information in Team CORUS. Mobile notifications sent to you from Team CORUS will follow the same path they currently do in PING.
  • To adjust your preferences, login to myProfile.  


  • Login to Team CORUS at
  • Click the SEARCH button at the top of the screen, just right of your user name.
  • Start typing - results populate as you go.


  • Once you've identified the person, device, channel or consult you'd like to message, start typing in the message box.
  • If you open a channel or direct message room, the message box is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Include @userid or @all to automatically trigger a mobile notification to an idividual or to all Team CORUS users in the room.


  • To send your message, click the paper airplane icon.
  • This will navigate you to a room with your message recipient(s).
  • At the bottom of the screen within this room, you'll notice you can send more messages to this audience, again, by clicking the paper airplane.


  • Team CORUS notifications behave a bit differently from PING notifications.
  • If your message recipient is online in Team CORUS, a first attempt at notification is made within the web browser.
  • If after 30 seconds your message recipient hasn't viewed your message, a mobile notification is triggered to his or her "Preferred PING Device."
  • To trigger an instant mobile notification, include @userid or @all in your message to notify an individual or all Team CORUS users in the room.


  • Your history is preserved in each room for a period of time. Simply navigate to the room for message contents and timestamp information.
  • You can also access your history via a HISTORY link in the left panel from within Team CORUS. You can even search your history.
  • From the history screen or within a Team CORUS room, you can also view external notifications that may have been triggered
    • From the history screen, click the "View external notifications.." link, located just above and to the right of the History search box
    • From an existing channel or direct message room, click the cloud icon with the upward pointing arrow


  • You can favorite search results so you don't have to look for them again in the future.
  • To do so, after you've sent a message to the channel, consult, device or person, you'll notice a star icon to the left of the room name.
  • Click the star and it will automatically save this room to your FAVORITES in the left panel of Team CORUS.


  • If you need further assistance, you can find it by sending an email to or by calling (410) 955-HELP