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IM in Outlook Web App

Step 1:

Browse to the portal via , click on Messaging on the left side of the screen and select Outlook. This will take you to your webmail

Due to our multi-factor authentication, you might be redirected to the page below requesting you provide your JHED-ID and password. Please go ahead and do so.

Step 2:

You can sign in to IM by selecting your name or the arrow at the top right of the Outlook Web App window, then select, “Sign in to IM”.

Your status should change to available as shown below.

How to manage your IM status with Outlook Web App

Once you’re signed in to IM, select your name again, then select your status.

To start an IM session

Find the person you want to send an instant message to. You can look them up in People, or find a message from them and select their name to see their contact card. Select IM to open an IM session with that person.

To accept an IM request

A contact might start an IM session with you. The request will appear at the top of the Outlook Web App page. You can either Accept or Ignore the request.

To accept the request and respond, select Accept.

Type your response and press Enter.

When you’re done, select   at the top of the IM window to end the conversation and close the window.