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Do you have access to confidential data? Do you carry it to multiple locations? Not exactly sure if you do access confidential data?

If this is the case, then you should think about utilizing one, some, or all of the products listed below.

Pointsec works with Linux or Windows, and provides centralized management of PC data security. Pointsec provides security by combining authentication and full-disk encryption. Only authorized users with the correct logon and password can gain access to the computer. If the laptop is turned off or goes into standby mode, the entire hard drive remains encrypted, protecting the content. Pointsec runs in a completely automatic, transparent mode to the user. No elaborate training is needed.

Computrace is designed to recover a laptop should it be lost or stolen. A small client application that is tamper resistant resides on the laptop. Should the laptop become lost or stolen, the location of the laptop can be reported back to our Tech Center upon connection to the Internet. Through the Recovery Team and its processes, the laptop is tracked and recovered. There is also an option to delete sensitive data from the missing laptop.

USB Thumb Drives are flash memory storage devices that have a Universal serial bus (USB) interface. They offer potential advantages over other portable storage devices. They are more compact, hold more data, and are more reliable due to the lack of moving parts. Most computers ship with USB ports in areas that are easily accessible.

The Software Licensing Information Center (SLIC) offers USB drives, Pointsec, and Computrace through SPARS.

If you have a LAN Administrator, have a talk and see what product is right for you.

Any questions should be directed to SLIC at