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Logging In

In order to access myJH, you will need a JHED ID and password when you point your browser to

Default Layout

Once you have successfully logged into myJH, you will see a custom set of navigation tabs based on your insitutional, and divisional affiliations.

You may also have additional tabs, depending on other criteria such as the school or unit you are associated with. Your default layout is just a starting point; you can pick from hundreds of additional information sources.

Channels, Tabs, and Columns

contain the content of the services in My JH. Each channel focuses on a particular kind of content and there are many more to explore.

The channels are organized on separate pages called tabs. You can add additional tabs to help organize MyJH to match your needs.

Each tab holds one or more columns of channels. Again, you can set these columns to display the information you want to see in the way you want to see it.

Add a Tab

To add, edit, or delete a tab, go to your MyJH Preferences.
  1). Select the Add New Tab icon.
  2). Name your new tab.
  3). Select a location for your new tab. NOTE: You will not be able to edit, move, or delete the default tabs.
  4). Select the Submit button.

Column Options

To add, edit, or delete a column, go to your MyJH Preferences.

  1). Select the Add New Column icon.
  2). Select the appropriate size for your new column. Column widths can be set as a percentage of the total screen or by a number of specific pixels. To set widths as a percentage, include the % sign. If the %is omitted, the width will be interpreted as pixels. Widths stipulated as a percentage should total 100% (for best results) for all columns.
  3). Select the Submit button.

You can customize a column by moving it to another location on the tab, resizing it, or deleting the column. You can also add content (Channels) to it. Just click on the Option menu icon at the top of the column.

Some columns cannot be modified; you cannot move, resize, delete, or add content to these columns. If an aspect of a column cannot be modified, you will not be able to select that option on the Option menu.


Channels are the areas that contain the actual content of the services in My JH. They are contained within columns on a tab.

Channels can be moved to another location on the tab, focused on, minimized or maximized, and deleted. Some channels also have Help, About, and/or Edit features.

Most channel options are located in the channels Option menu. However, to delete the channel, or minimize/maximize it, click on the buttons located at the right side of the channels title bar. (If the tab or column cannot be modified, you will not be given the choice of moving or deleting channels in that column or tab.)

Add a Channel

Adding a channel to your layout is called subscribing. To subscribe to a channel:

  1). Decide where you want the channel to appear, that is, which tab and which column on that tab.
  2). Select the Add Channel button from that columns Option menu.
  3). Select one of the categories in the drop-down menu. Select a Channel from the drop-down menu to find a channel.
  4). Select the Add Channel button. The channel will appear in the top of the selected column. You can change its location by using the channels Option menu.


You can change the overall look of My JH through the use of skins. A skin changes the colors and graphic elements, but does not change the features and functions available. In order to change the skin, you will need to go to youre my JH Preferences:

  1). Click on a skins radio button, then click on the Apply button to change the skin.
  2). When you are happy with the skin youve selected, use the Option menu to Go Back to your main layout.

Logging Out

Be sure to completely logout of your MyJH account as well as exiting your web browser session. It will end your portal session and will also ensure that any changes made to your preferences are saved.