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Encryption of Apple Mac OS X Laptops

As you may know it is Johns Hopkins Medicine policy that all laptop computers connecting to the Johns Hopkins Medicine network be secured, including login passwords, regular patching and encryption. As for encryption, Apple has a utility built into all of its OS X systems called FileVault (FileVault2). This utility encrypts the entire hard drive of the laptop and uses your device password to open the encrypted vault. 

For guidance on checking on your laptop's FileVault status and activation of FileVault, go to Apple's support page.

Our network monitoring indicates that you have used a Mac OS X device on Hopkins wireless network within the past six weeks. It is nearly impossible for us to tell whether the OS X device is a laptop or workstation, but in either event it should be encrypted.

We recommend that users who rely on a Hopkins IT department for management of their desktop computers work with that department on activating encryption. For those of you who manage your own computer, we ask that you take a few minutes to begin the FileVault encryption process as soon as possible and complete the questionnaire below.